Hot Sexy Thai Girl


It was a little chilly for an August evening in Hong Kong. It was windy and despite the dark moonless night, I could sense dark clouds building up over the city. ‘It is going to rain tonight’ I thought and was happy as finally there will be some relief from the hot weather.

But tonight’s weather was different. I was feeling cold due to the chilly wind. Moreover my revealing dance costume wasn’t helping much too. Earlier that day I had four performances in four different venues. Moreover now we were also sent for solo performances. That day was my very first solo performance.

The entire day went by dancing, traveling between 4 different venues, and changing costumes. The last performance of the day was my solo performance in a private dinner party of a businessman. I was so tired that I refused to go to my hostel for changing into my regular clothes.

I asked Dhruv, my sweetheart to take me straightway for dinner. We had planned a late-night dinner after my last performance. It was Dhruv who took me to the venue as the academy couldn’t arrange any vehicle for my solo performance. Anyhow I suggested Dhruv to straightaway take me for dinner.

He was generous enough to accept my request, or maybe he wanted it more than me as this weird belly dancing costume was way too hot. It included a sleeveless low cut light green blouse barely covering my breasts. It was also backless and joined just by a tiny thread behind.

So I couldn’t wear a bra underneath as it would have been visible. Beneath I wore the same color matching shorts. It was very tight and small and hardly covered my thighs. I also wore light makeup with matching green bangles, silver belly chains, earrings, and anklets.

However, I felt weird going in the restaurant Dhruv wanted to take me to, wearing this dress. So we decided that I’ll sit in the car and Dhruv will get the food packed from the restaurant. We will have it in the park on a hilltop on the outskirts of the city where we used to go quite often.

We had our dinner sitting on a bench in the park, when it started to get cold. It was already 11 at night and we were alone in the park. Some other couples were roaming around but there was no one near us. Dhruv saw my semi-naked body shivering in cold and gave a naughty smile.

He teased me as I decided to come wearing this costume but later he felt pity and gave me his hoodie. I wore it and we started chatting sitting close to each other on the bench with our hands locked and my head on his left shoulder. We were enjoying the weather and the view of the city from the hilltop.

We chatted for hours and were in no mood to stop. Dhruv suddenly got up to bring some beer. I was a non-drinker so he decided to bring some cold drinks for me. As the night progressed the cold weather started to get a little warm and I felt more comfortable.

I was waiting for him to come when I felt a little sweaty under the hoodie. I felt the cool breeze on my bare legs and felt nice. I felt really hot now and removed the hoodie. The cool breeze touched my naked arms, belly, and cleavage and I felt really good.

I stretched my legs straight and apart and stretched my arms above my head raising my blouse a little. Dhruv came all of a sudden and saw me in that position. He must have seen my boobs a little I thought as there was no bra. I noticed the bulge in his jeans as he examined me from top to bottom in surprise.

He was happy to see me without the hoodie in all glory again. He smiled and handed me my drink. He sat on the bench, came close, and whispered in my ear, “You look so hot, babe.” I blushed and rested my head on his left shoulder again. We were dating for more than a month now but never got intimate.

He would hug me, kiss my hands, forehead, cheeks, and even lips, but we never had even a liplock or a long french kiss. It was partially because I was a little shy. But more because we hardly used to get privacy or time. Both of us were busy in our respective dances.

On top of that I had to spend time on my academics and he had his cafeteria to manage. Also, we hardly got some couple time alone as generally, we used to meet at the academy or some other public places. But today was different. For the first time we were alone for so long and free too.

Also the setting was perfect. It was lonely, dark and the weather was romantic too. I was in this revealing dress looking a bombshell, in his arms with only some tiny pieces of cloth and jewelry covering my modesty. On top of that, it started to rain slowly.

The raindrops bouncing on my already wet cleavage were making Dhruv restless. As if the water drops falling on my bare skin weren’t enough to make me feel horny, Dhruv started brushing his left hand on my bareback. I started shivering with pleasure and couldn’t resist a couple of moans.

My moans encouraged him and he started caressing my belly, circling my navel, and pinching my belly a little. I was blushing so much but enjoying it too. I acted as if I wanted to resist. I kept pleading to him, “Please Dhruv, stop it, baby. Someone might watch us.

But to no vain. Deep down I never wanted him to stop. I kept moaning and he kept caressing me. Slowly he kept his hand on my left boob and I couldn’t take it anymore and let out a huge moan. I raised my head and held his hand. “Please Dhruv you are making we wild. This isn’t the right time and right place.”

He took the last sip of his beer and came closer. He hugged me with his left hand still on my boob and right on side of my belly. “No, baby nothing is going to come between us today. Not your pleading puppy eyes either.” He said as he kissed my forehead and eyes.

“I have been waiting for this moment all this time. I had fallen for you the day you came to the academy for the first time. Your petite figure and flat belly swinging to the dance tunes make me go crazy. I wanted this sexy Thai chick so bad.”

His words were making me wet down under those green shorts and a white panty. I forgot everything and wanted him to rip that stupid costume and fuck me like a beast. He sensed my mood as he saw me from top to bottom again. He came closer and I closed my eyes.

The next second I could feel his lips on mine. It was my first liplock and I responded well. We kept kissing each other as one of his hand was squeezing my left boob and his other hand caressing my thighs. Slowly I felt his tongue on my lips.

I opened my mouth and his tongue went shaking inside my mouth exploring it. Slowly he started biting my lips. We continued smooching for some 10-15 minutes when I broke it to catch my breath. His hands were still pleasuring my boobs and thighs. He now kissed my chin.

He took out his tongue and went down licking from my chin to neck. I couldn’t control and shivered in his arms and moaned like hell. He slowly removed my necklace to get a better view of my neck. His hands now came to his favorite part of my body, my belly.

His lips and tongue were busy pleasuring my neck, collar bone, and shoulders. His hands and fingers were caressing my belly, playing with my belly chains, and fingering my navel. I had no control over my body now and was moaning heavily and loudly.

I could have sworn the people from nearby liquor shops that used to be open throughout the night would have heard me if it wasn’t raining and thundering. We were wet now but neither of us bothered. He removed my belly chains too and made me lie on my back on the bench.

My face, my visible and erect nipples under the wet blouse, belly, and navel facing him. The rainwater got inside my perfectly round, tiny but deep navel and my Indian boyfriend couldn’t stop staring at it. Finally, he went down and kissed it. A chill ran down my spine and I moaned.

He didn’t stop. He planted kisses on my entire belly for a couple of minutes. I felt ticklish with his lips and the raindrops and kept giggling and moaning. He came back to my navel and sucked all the rainwater out of it, as I rubbed his wet hairs with my hands moaning like a dog.

Now he again brought out his tongue and tongue fucked my navel for a few minutes. My navel was round but a little small for his tongue. Nevertheless he was able to insert it with some effort. As his tongue was going in and out of my navel I felt a liquid going down my pussy.

I let out a loud moan before leaking out a huge load on my panty. I never thought that I’ll reach an orgasm just by foreplay. I was a virgin. To cum, I had to masturbate for quite long. But here my sweetheart made me cum just by fucking my navel. I was a virgin but he was quite experienced.

Dhruv had been in few relationships earlier and knew how to pleasure women. Moreover the setting was way too erotic. I was lying wet, semi-naked on a bench in a lonely park with a guy on top of me. The rain and wind caressed my body in complete darkness.

Dhruv realized that I have had the first orgasm of the night. We looked in each other’s eyes and kissed one more time. He got up while kissing, picked me up too, sat straight on the bench, and made me sit on his lap. We kept kissing as his hands reached my back.

He found the thread knot which held this poor small blouse. It didn’t take much effort to untie it. The thread strings fell apart and my back was bare. He kept caressing my bare back while kissing and biting my lips and neck. He then held my legs and slowly made me turn such that my naked back faces him.

He held my hair and removed them from my back. Now he softly brushed his smooth fingers on my back making me feel tickled and excited. “Your skin is so soft darling, can’t wait to taste it.” He whispered in my ear.

First he gave a kiss on the back of my neck. Then his tongue came out. He licked the entire rib from my neck to down till my shorts just above my ass. He did it multiple times. He licked all the rainwater falling on my back with his tongue and made it wet with his saliva.

As he was wetting my back my pussy was dripping love juices which were making my panty and shorts wet. Meanwhile his hands started massaging my legs. He kept kissing, licking my back, and gave some love bites here and there. His hands did a good job caressing my legs, fingering my navel, squishing my small tummy.

Finally they reached my boobs which were still covered with the freely hanging blouse. Nevertheless he kept pressing my boobs over the blouse while eating my back with his mouth. I kept moaning out loud. When he was done, I leaned back and rested my back on his strong chest as he kissed my cheeks from behind.

Now he turned me again and made me face him. He kept his lips on mine and held the blouse with both hands. When he was about to rip the poor blouse off my body, realization struck me. I immediately held his hands. “Please, Dhruv, not here,” I said in a soft and weak voice.

He opened his eyes and saw me. My hair, my body, my clothes were all wet. I could see the lust in his eyes for me and kind of felt proud. We saw the time. It was already 3 am. “Within an hour or so the sweepers will come to clean the area and it won’t be safe for us,” I suggested in the same weak voice.

Something that I would regret later. Dhruv understood and nodded looking at his watch. “We still have 2 or 3 hours for the daybreak. Let’s go to my place and spend some time together before I drop you back,” he said. “But I’m very tired, I want to sleep,” I said teasing him.

“Well in that case I’ll give this little girl a hot steam bath, massage her body, and make her sleep on my chest all day!” He said kissing my lips. Then he held my face with both hands and said, “But before that I’m going to break your hymen sweetheart.” His words were making me horny again.

I was feeling restless. “In that case you should stop talking and start acting,” I said laughing. I was so eager to lose my virginity that it was hard to wait for even a second. I was still sitting on his laps and tried getting down the bench. He suddenly held my feet. I gave him a confused look.

“Wait my darling, you don’t have to take any trouble.” Saying this he picked our empty drink bottles, threw them in the dustbin nearby. He picked my necklace and belly chains, kept them in my handbag, and hung it on his shoulder. Then he held me with his strong arms and lifted me as he got up.

“You have danced a lot today. Your beautiful legs are tired. They don’t have to work anymore, they can rest as I carry you.” I blushed and closed my eyes as he carried me to his car. He placed me on the seat, made it lean back to the maximum, and made me lie over it. I was loving his gestures.

He has always been romantic but today was different. He was making me wet and restless. He kissed my cheeks, closed the door, came over, and sat on the driving seat. But I guess I wasn’t destined to get fucked that day. As soon as we started, Dhruv got a call from the caretaker of his cafeteria.

A delivery package of some furniture items for his restaurant had arrived and there was some issue which I can’t remember. All I can recall is that they needed Dhruv at this odd hour to sort it out urgently. He hung up and told me everything. He said he has to leave and will drop me.

I was dejected and didn’t speak to him. He understood and started driving. I didn’t speak anything for the entire drive. When we were about to reach I looked at him. He looked sad. Suddenly I felt bad for him. There was no fault of his I thought. Also he wanted to have me more than I wanted it.

I felt guilty of treating him that way. When we reached my hostel I collected my purse and opened the door. Before getting down I turned to see him. He was looking at me with the same lust in his eyes, and sadness too. I bent and to his surprise kissed his lips slowly.

“Go and get it sorted. I will wait for your steam bath and massage,” Saying this I kissed him again. He finally smiled and I felt happy. He promised me that we will meet at earliest and take things forward from where we left. I gave him a final goodbye kiss on his cheek and left.

We couldn’t meet for the next 10 days due to our respective schedules. Finally, he called me and we decided to meet on the eleventh day which was a Sunday. What happened on that weekend is something very close to my heart. I will narrate it in the next part.