Indian Couple Sex In Hotel Room

I am working in an IT company in Ahmedabad and in that company, I have one lady teammate who used to work with me and sit near me. We always do the chit-chat and look towards each other but never talked like a naughty couple. One fine Saturday, unfortunately, due to the heavy work I came to office and saw she also comes. We had as always general talk and started talking.

During the lunchtime, I order my food and asked her to have hers with me. After our lunch, we sat in the cafeteria and had our long talk. During that time, I got to know that she was married and was not having a happy life. I am always looking for sex. So for the start, I asked why she was not happy. But generally, she told nothing. It was just a mother in law and other issues. But I know she tried to mean something else. So I told her, “if you like me as a good friend please say”.

So she told about her sex life and then I told her, “if that is the case, do you like your husband? And you can keep yourself happy. If he can enjoy somewhere, why don’t you?”. But she told no one likes married woman. So, in a joking manner, I told her, “I only like a married woman. So, try me. You will not feel unhappy at all”. Soon, she told me, “then, prove it today. Let me see to it”.

I took the permission from her and also to book a hotel and we went there. She called her in-laws and told them that it will take a little late to get back. We went to the hotel and kissed for almost 15-20 mins. I really didn’t know where her courage came from, she undressed and told me, “I am all yours and looking forward to knowing how good you are with your word”.

Then, I just opened her pussy lips and licked until she came. I told, “now, the movie had just begun. Wait until the end”. I entered my penis into her and fucked her for a long time. When I felt I was about cum, I asked her, “what you want me to do? Where should I cum?”. She told that she wanted to enjoy more and so she did not want me to ejaculate inside.

We took rest for a while and again took snacks and took a good bath. Then, we kissed again and during that time, we initiated our mood for the second round of the sex. I started kissing her in a very passionate way and then undressed her with minutes.

I kissed all over her body and pussy as well. She started to kiss my penis and gave me a good blow job. Soon, I was on the cloud nine and we started to make out in the 69 position to make sure we enjoyed all our favorite positions. We almost came to each other’s mouth. But I told her that I needed one more session for which she said, “what are you waiting for?”.

She also added, “start whenever you want”. Soon, I replied, “you give me the pleasure. Tell me how you want me to do without asking for my permission”. So, I pushed mine into her pussy again. It was hot like an iron from the factory. Really hot.

It was also juicy like a mango and red like an apple. So, without saying anything, I pushed and kissed her lips. Soon, I started jumping into her pussy and kissed her lips and bit them wild. Well, we continued having a good time and satisfaction came with the juice. We enjoyed each and every single second.

Finally, we returned to our home after coming out of the lodge. I mean we went to our respective home. That was a sweet and small session without any long thing happening. We did not talk much with each other that night, but she was good in her act. Monday, we came to our office and behaved like nothing happened between us. Neither she told anything about that Saturday nor me. But the only thing I got from her was a card with a message.