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Hi guys, I am Ajay coming back with this new story. I hope you enjoyed my previous stories about how I fucked Pooja aunty and mom. In this story, I am going to share the incident that happened when fucking my friend’s mom in front of him.

When I went to Chennai for work, I stayed in a rented house which was owned by a decent family, that consisted of 3 family members. Uncle is a businessman running his business in the same city. He goes to the office in the morning at 7 AM and comes back home at 10 PM.

Aunty Geeta, aged 45 but looks like 30+ is so sexy, with huge boobs and a sexy ass that stands out. Aunty is a housewife and they have one son named Hari, who is 24 years old and doing his Engineering.

When I went to their home, on the first day they greeted me well and seemed a very decent family and also religious. They showed me my room and I settled there. After a few days, I had become good friends with Hari.

One day I took an off from the office and stayed in my room. Hari went to his college and Uncle went to his office. After 10 AM, I saw aunty was alone at home.

I thought this is a good day to try to seduce aunty if she agrees, so I went to their flat to pretend to speak to Hari even though I knew that Hari had gone to college. Aunty opened the door, greeted me, and invited me into the house. She said that Hari had gone to college, a fact that I already knew.

Aunty asked me to have breakfast, but I told her that I already had breakfast. Aunty sat on the opposite sofa in front of me and we were talking to each other about mundane topics.

I was looking at her slightly visible boobs. She switched on the TV and told me to watch some movie. After watching the movie for about 20 minutes, Aunty told me that she needed to take a bath, and asked me to continue watching TV.

Aunty went into the bathroom to take a bath. After 5 minutes, I went near the bathroom and saw her naked from the keyhole! My friend’s mom was like a sexy goddess. Her pussy was cleanly shaved and seeing that, my dick got erected and became a monster in my pants.

After 2 minutes, I was shocked to see my friend’s mom masturbating using her fingers in her pussy and moaning softly. I thought that this was a good time to trap my aunty and so took out my phone and recorded aunty masturbating.

After 20 minutes, aunty finished her bath and masturbation and got ready to come out from the bathroom, so I ran and sat on the sofa. After a few minutes, aunty came and sat next to me to watch TV. She was smelling of jasmine fragrance after taking her bath. I was horny and excited. In order to break the silence, I told aunty that I wanted to show her something.

Aunty: What you want to show me?

I opened my phone and showed her the video I had recorded of her masturbating. Aunty got shocked and was silent for a few minutes. Then she said:

Aunty: How dare you make a video like this while I was taking bath?!!

Me: I was just looking at you while taking bath but when you started masturbating I could not hold myself and so I recorded the video.

My friend’s mom became angry and asked me to delete the video immediately.

Aunty: Delete the video first.

Me: If you want me to delete the video then you should do what I say.

Aunty: What do you want me to do?

Me: You have to have sex with me.

Aunty: What!!! (shocked for a moment) and said, “No, no, no.. I can’t do it.”

But I went near her and hugged her tightly and said, “Please aunty, one time I want to fuck you.”

I tightly hugged her and kissed her lips and neck. Sensing no resistance, I removed her sari from the top and now I could see my friend’s mom’s big boobs jutting out from her jacket. I just put one hand on her boobs and rubbed there.

I kissed her lips again while touching her boobs. After doing this for 5 minutes, she moaned. I knew that now she was also heated up and slowly I let her go. She looked at me very sexily and went to the door and closed it.

It was confirmed that this was the green signal that I needed. My buddy’s mom came to the sofa and sat next to me.

Aunty: I am excited about your touching and I am ready to have sex with you.

She told me that this should be a secret and whenever she was alone at home, she will allow me to fuck her. After listening to this, I hugged her and kissed very passionately.

Aunty: Come, let’s go to the bedroom.

We went to the bedroom. Without wasting time, I threw her onto the bed and removed my clothes. Aunty was shocked seeing my dick size and said, “Wow your dick is so nice and big.” Saying this, my friend’s mother took my dick into her mouth and started giving me a blowjob!

Me: Hmm.. yeah, aunty please suck it, aunty.

Aunty: Don’t call me aunty. Call me darling or Geeta or some dirty words.

Me: Come on bitch, suck it. Hmm.. hard, please suck it.

Then I removed her dress and got excited after seeing her clean shaved pussy and big boobs.

Me: Hey bitch, I want to suck your boobs and lick your pussy hard and roughly.

She said, “Let’s do it,” and she lay on the bed. I lay on her in 69 position, as she began sucking my dick now and I was sucking her pussy and boobs. My friend’s mom was moaning, “Hmm.. yes Raja suck your bitch. Please suck.. please suck baby, please suck yeah, hmmm.. yeah, hmm..suck, suck..yeah..”

After 20 minutes of sucking each other, I inserted my dick into aunty’s pussy. Her pussy is so hot and juicy and I kept on slowly going in and out.

Aunty: Wow.. it’s too good, fuck me, Raja, please fuck hard, please fuck… hmm, amma fuck… Fuck.. hmm…. hmmm…hmmm… yeah, fuck hmm..fuck, fuck.

Me: How is my dick, aunty?

Aunty: It is too good. I never enjoyed like this earlier. Please fuck me hard. I need your dick day and night. Please fuck your bitch, please.

I keep fucking my friend’s mom fast and hard. After fucking for 30 minutes, I cummed in her pussy and she was so happy about all the things that had happened. I lay by her side hugging her on the bed.

Aunty: I am so excited by your way of fucking, thank you for showing me heaven!

Me: Love you, darling. I wanna fuck you more and more.

Aunty: You can fuck me whenever you want, whenever uncle and Hari are not at home.

Me: What is there if your son is at home? Let’s fuck even if he is there. He is my friend and will not mind.

Aunty: No, how can I fuck you in front of my son?

Me: You know many sons have a desire to see their moms fucked by someone.

Aunty: How you can say that?

Me: Because I personally experienced that.

Then I told her the story of me fucking Pooja aunty and Mom.

Aunty: (shocked). Is that true? How did you manage to do that?

Me: If you want, I will show you.

I then showed her the video of me fucking Aunt Pooja and my mom. Aunty was silent for a moment and then agreed to show it to her son.

Me: Do you have desires while fucking?

Aunty: I want to get fucked by 4-5 guys at a time and want to feel their cocks in all my holes.

Me: Wow, that’s a great desire. I will fulfill your desire.

Aunty: How can you fulfill my desire?

Me: I will plan for it. You just be ready for it.

After this I and aunty fucked one more session in the bathroom and then I went to my room.

After one week on Saturday, I had a week off. Uncle went to his office and Hari had classes, so he went to college. I called my friends to come to my place and explained to them about my group fucking plan.

I went to aunty’s home, greeted her with a hug, and told her to be ready to fulfill her desires. She was excited and kissed me and asked what is going to happen?

Me: It is a surprise for you, but you will enjoy it a lot.

Aunty went to take a bath by removing her clothes in front of me. After a few minutes, my friends arrived. I asked them to go to aunty’s room and undress and remain naked.

After aunty came out from her shower, I asked her to come near me. She came to me. I told her to be ready to enjoy the show. I tied her eyes with a piece of cloth and took her to her bedroom nude.

My friends got very excited after seeing her nude. I took her in front of each one and asked her to touch their dicks. She was excited. I asked her, “Can I remove the blindfold now?” She said, “Yes.”

I removed the cloth and she saw my four friends without clothes and their erect dicks. She turned back to me and thanked me and began to remove my clothes.

Aunty: Come on guys, fuck me however you want today. I am your baby doll. Play as much as you want and make me happy.

Listening to this all five of us got excited. Two of us began sucking her boobs while one is sucking her pussy. She took my dick into her mouth and another one began fucking her ass.

She was enjoying a lot and moaning, “Yeah, yeah fuck guys, fuck-hard, yeah… hmm… amma yeah, hmm… fuck, fuck, fuck. As we are fucking deep in her cunt, she is moaning loudly and enjoying it a lot.

All of us were enjoying fucking her deeply in all her holes. While we were fucking her, suddenly the doorbell rang. Aunty got shocked. I told her, “Don’t worry. I think it is Hari. Get ready to fulfill another desire of yours – fucking with Hari.

I went and opened the door but was shocked to see that it was not Hari but 2 aunties from next door, were standing in front of the door. They said they wanted to talk to Aunty. I told them that Aunty was taking a bath.

They said that they will wait for her. I told them to come into the house and to close the door after they did. I was fearful about what was going to happen now.

I could hear moaning coming from aunty’s room. One of them said that we heard moaning sounds coming from aunty’s bedroom so we came to see what is going on here.

Hearing this, I became calm and told them that we are fucking aunty. One of them said that’s why they too had come here and they will also join you all.

I welcomed them and asked them to become naked and took them to the bedroom. Aunty was surprised, seeing the other aunties naked and welcomed them to join. She told them it is too good, come let’s enjoy it.

Saritha Aunty: That is why we came here. She came near the bed and kissed aunty.

Vani Aunty: Come here (to one of my friends). Let me suck your dick.

Geeta Aunty: Within a few minutes my son will arrive. One of you please try to seduce him so that he keeps this as a secret.

Vani Aunty: Leave it to me. I know how to make him excited.

Geeta Aunty: I want his dick inside my pussy and need to feel his hardness and his cum filling my pussy.

Saritha Aunty: Ho, you have so many desires.

We all eight members were fucking each other by sharing aunties and they also were moaning a lot and they were enjoying double penetration and hard fucking.

After 30 minutes of deep fucking each other, we sat on the bed and were exchanging kisses when the doorbell rang.

Vani Aunty: I will go and open the door.

Vani aunty went and opened the door. Hari was standing in front of the door. He greeted Vani aunty and asked her where his mom was?

Vani aunty: She is in the bedroom and has asked me to open the door.

Hari: Okay aunty and asked why are you here?

Vani: To give you a surprise.

Hari: What surprise?

Vani Aunty closed the door, went near Hari, and removed her sari.

Hari: (in shock). What is this aunty?

Vani was acting surprised and smiling.

Hari: What is this? My mom is in the house, if she sees this she will kick you out.

Vani: Oh, You mean if your mom was not there it would be okay for you.

Hari was silent for a moment.

Vani aunty went near Hari and hugged him. He got excited and said, “But mom is there know?”

Vani: If your mom agrees with this is it okay for you?

Hari: But if you inform this to mom, she will kill both of us.

Vani: I will show you another surprise. Come with me.

Vani aunty told him that before he comes into the bedroom he should remove all his clothes. Hari hesitatingly removed all his clothes and came into the bedroom. When he came in he was shocked seeing all of us fucking.

Hari looked at me and aunty fucking sitting in the chair. Aunty became excited seeing her son naked and she said, “Son come join us.”

Vani aunty dragged him to the bed and took his dick into her mouth. She began sucking his dick. He was still in shock but began enjoying Vani aunty’s lips on his dick.

Geeta aunty: Fuck Raja, fuck me hard, yeah fuck me.

Seeing this Hari was excited and inserted his dick into the Vani aunty’s pussy and began fucking her hard. Saritha aunty meanwhile went and gave her pussy to his mouth to suck her juices.

We were all fucking aunty deeply and she was moaning a lot and enjoying seeing her son fucking two women.

After 20 minutes, we got separated and aunty told us she wanted to fuck her son. All of us went and sat on one side of the bed and let mom and son fuck each other as we all watched.

They began deeply sucking and fucking each other and enjoying a lot.

Aunty: Fuck me, my dear son, fuck your horny mummy, fuck deep please… fuck please, fuck, fuck …please fuck.

Hari: You bitch mom, fuck you, fuck you… and he is fucking hard and harder and aunty was enjoying a lot and kept saying, “Hmmm, fuck son, fuck, fuck… fuck.

After 1 hour we all finished our fucking session and my friends thanked everyone and went away, leaving me, Hari, and the 3 aunties in the bedroom.

Hari: Wow, it was a very nice experience of fucking mom and aunties together.

Geeta aunty: Thank you son for accepting this. You can fuck me whenever you want when dad is not at home. Thanks to Ajay for making all this happen.

Hari: Ho… Ajay, you are the director of this great fucking play.

Me: All this happened with you and your mom’s coordination. Let’s all have a nice fuck every day, whenever we get the chance.

Saritha aunty: After seeing all this, I need to include my son in this session and want to fuck him. Geeta, will you help me with this?

Geeta aunty: Sure I will help you.

Vani aunty: I too want to include my sister who is a widow now. She is also fond of sex.

Ajay: Let’s make everyone join, whoever is interested in our show.

After this, we started our second session. I and Hari fucked all the 3 aunts hard and deep in their pussies and they enjoyed a lot. Then all five of us took a bath and bathed each other.

We again fucked in the bathroom and from that day onward, we even went to pubs to find new aunties and boys to include in our session and also fucked them in the hotel room which we especially booked for our fuck show.